Saxon Business Systems - a Xerox Company

Saxon Business Systems is one of the top core companies within Global Imaging Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Xerox Corporation. Saxon Business Systems has been providing document technology and services in the Florida marketplace since 1982.

With the strength of Xerox and the flexibility of local management, we are uniquely positioned to provide companies solutions that can help achieve better financial results, increase marketing ROI, improve operational efficiency, enhance network security and/or reduce environmental impact. Our consultative approach and proprietary tools provide clear visibility into your true cost breakdown, asset deployment and usage patterns. This insight coupled with the vision to see potential bottlenecks allow us to help you create a more efficient workflow from creation to completion. You will be able to better utilize hardware and software solutions for greater efficiency, productivity, quality, reduced errors and costs. The ability to truly coauthor solutions for our clients, has made us the top tier company we have become.

Xerox-Global Imaging Systems relationship

“We bought Global because it’s a great company. Global Imaging has great people, it has a great entrepreneurial model and they deliver great results. When you put that together with Xerox, it’s a great fit.” The secret to the success of the Xerox Global partnership is maintaining what they do well. Keeping them local, empowered and autonomous. Making sure we keep their great management teams in place. Add to that Xerox technology, national support and offerings and the combination is unbeatable.” —Anne Mulcahy Former CEO, Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation is a name that has been synonymous with document solutions for over 100 years. The company is continuously innovating and improving the entire industry. In doing so, Xerox found that the multi-national size of their organization made it difficult to respond to the ever changing market segments and business cultures inherent to local markets.

The solution was to acquire an organization, Global Imaging Systems, that is comprised of top tier locally staffed and managed companies such as Saxon Business Systems to provide Xerox solutions with local knowledge and accountability. This provides customers with aggressive, established local sales, service and support resulting in a leaner response time. It also allows Saxon the ability to provide a superior value to both local and national accounts.

Xerox has strengthened our ability to be Florida’s one-stop source for the latest, quality office solutions and technology. Technology that is backed by programs, systems and guarantees designed to help organizations operate more efficiently and make Florida businesses more profitable.

Global Imaging Systems (GIS) is designed to serve companies that demand local accountability from their partners. When you choose a Global Company as your document technology partner, you get the package you need to succeed. Visit our website at www.gisx.com

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