Automation, quality control and brand control are three areas where our production and marketing solutions directly impact revenue and enable you to get the full benefit out of your valuable resources.

Whether you incorporate one solution or many, we’ll help you stand head and shoulders above your competition and maximize the return on your marketing investment.

Saxon’s Production & Marketing Solutions

Our competency is providing flexible solutions that meet the individual requirements of our customers in the following areas:

Print Automation Workflow

Print workflow often involves creating, retrieving, printing and sending document. Any given task can include a sequence of steps that must be performed to get the job done. A print automation solution can range from a simple prepress template to an end-to-end touch-less workflow. Simplify and automate job preparation for a more productive and consistent workflow. The elimination of manual processes not only increase the productivity of your staff, but also can decrease costly mistakes.


Prepress software makes print layout a breeze and takes the uncertainty out of color management. It can enable you to deliver every job with consistent and high-quality output. To make sure the document is exactly the way you want, the software allows you to see how the document will look even before printing a single page.

Variable Data Print

Localize documents across different offices. Deliver high-value, personalized sales and marketing documents to increase their impact. Personalized “dynamic” images stand out even further. Studies have shown greater response to targeted and personalized content.

Cross Channel/ Cross Media Marketing

Cross Channel Marketing is simply marketing across different channels. The greatest success comes from creating cohesive cross-channel marketing strategies to help strengthen your branding. Our products allow you to build a unified customer experience across your different marketing channels, track the results in each channel and allow you to leverage the creative tools you already have.

Finishing Solutions

With the range of finishing options available for Xerox® Production Digital Presses, you can add the capabilities that best suit your job mix and improve the look of your finished documents. Saxon also offers a comprehensive selection of near line options from our finishing partners. You can keep pace with your production no matter how you slice, staple, punch or bind it.

Web to Print

Keep control of your brand and at the same time make it easy for your employees to order the documents they need, whenever they need them. They can order approved documents from the web with built in flexibility to allow some customization for media, finishing and/or variable text and picture choices. Print ready files are sent to the printer and all usage and costs are calculated for accounting.